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You and I, we understand each other.

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. The Girl .

Irene.24 years old.Italian.A bit anxious but always looking on the bright side.
Studying english and french at University,and dreaming about going to Oxford,someday.
Couch-y person,optimistic,friendly,caring.Or so i've been told.
I have a cat,which i adore,a dog and a red fish.Oh,and a sister.
I live it Rome and I love it,even though sometimes I'd rather be in England

"All grown-ups were children first. (But few remember it)."

. The fandoms .. Loves and Hates .

Tv shows: House,The Big Bang Theory,How i met your mother,Castle,Sherlock,NCIS,Buffy the vampire slayer.

Movies: Harry Potter (all of them),Pride and Prejudice (2005),Elizabethtown,Love Actually,Marie Antoinette,The bridges of Madison County,Indiana Jones and the last crusade,Back to the future,Star Wars,The King's Speech.

Books: Harry Potter (again,all of them),The Shopaholic series,Can you keep a secret?,The Da Vinci Code,The Little Prince,The Devil wears Prada,Tsugumi and many,many (auto)biographies/diaries.

People: Lisa Edelstein,Hugh Laurie,Jim Parsons,Stana Katic,Nathan Fillion,Anne Hathaway,Kate Winslet,J.K.Rowling.

Ships: House/Cuddy,Sheldon/Penny,Barney/Robin,Lily/Marshall,Castle/Beckett,Tony/Ziva,Spike/Buffy,Ron/Hermione,.

Loves: Cold,sunny days.The smell of the sea.My family.My adorable cat.Curling in bed when it's raining outside.Chocolate.Going out with friends.Movies.Reading.Dancing madly while listening to music.Concerts.Shopping.Taking pictures.Making new friends.Open-minded people.Watching stupid movies with friends while eating junk food.Nail polish.Accessorize.Travelling.The english language.Cookies.

Hates: Close-minded people.Spicy food.Rome subway.Waking up early.My anxiety problems.The Twilight saga.Writing essays.Having to go out when it's raining.Being late.Being sick.Raisins.

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